SSC CGL Previous Year Paper 03 March 2021 shift-2 with Solutions

Given below SSC CGL General Awareness Previous Paper held on 03 March 2021 shift - 2 with Solutions. Attempt the paper to know about the difficulty level of questions asked in exam.


SSC CGL Previous Year Paper 03 March 2021 shift-2 with Solutions

1.      Who was the last ruler of the Nanda dynasty?

A.      Panduka

B.      Kaivatra

C.      Govishanka

D.     Dhanananda

Correct Answer: Dhanananda


2.       Who became the first Indian equestrian to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics 2020?

A.      Amar Sarin

B.      Fouaad Mirza

C.      Sehaj Singh Virk

D.      Amit Sinsinwar

Correct Answer: Fouaad Mirza


3.       Which of the following is the major component of vinegar?

A.      Lactic acid

B.      Citric acid

C.      Nitric acid

D.      Acetic acid

Correct Answer: Acetic acid


4.       Archaeologist R Nagaswamy was honoured at the Silver Jubilee International Conference of Art by which country?

A.      China

B.      Bhutan

C.      Bangladesh

D.      Nepal

Correct Answer: Bangladesh


5.       When we cut an onion, the synthase enzyme converts the amino acid sulfoxides of the onion into which acid?

A.      Sulfenic acid

B.      Sulphuric acid

C.      Citric acid

D.      Nitric acid

Correct Answer: Sulfenic  acid


6.       In which state has the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) opened the first silk processing plant?

A.      Maharashtra

B.      Andhra Pradesh

C.      Gujarat

D.      Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer: Gujarat


7.       In which year was the foundation stone for the Gateway of India laid in Bombay (Mumbai)?

A.      1920

B.      1913

C.      1905

D.      1915

Correct Answer: 1913


8.       In which district of Karnataka is the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary located?

A.      Hassan

B.      Kodagu

C.      Udupi

D.      Mandya

Correct Answer: Kodagu


9.       Which of the following festivals me ‘Merry making of the Gods'?

A.      Makar Sankranti

B.      Diwali

C.      Pongal

D.      Lai Haraoba

Correct Answer: Lai Haraoba


10.   Which of the following was previously known as 'the Lady Willingdon Park'?

A.      Mughal Gardens

B.      Deer Park

C.      Lodhi Gardens’

D.      Buddha Jayanti Park

Correct Answer: Loghi Gardens        


11.   In January 2020, Home Minister Amit Shah released a book ‘Karmayoddha Granth’. This book is based on the life of ________?

A.      Mahatma Gandhi

B.      Narendra  Modi

C.      Jawaharlal Nehru

D.      Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Correct Answer: Narendra Modi


12.   Which of the following glands is present between the lungs?

A.      Thymus

B.      Pituitary

C.      Pineal

D.      Hypothalamus

Correct Answer: Thymus


13.   In which state was the Global Investors Meet, ASCEND 2020 organised?

A.      Rajasthan

B.      Maharashtra

C.      Kerala

D.      Gujarat

Correct Answer: Kerala


14.   Which law of physics states that the force b/w the two electric charges reduces to a quarter of its former value when the distance between them is doubled?

A.      Coulomb’s Law

B.      Stefan’s Law

C.      Pascal’s Law

D.      Hooke’s Law

Correct Answer: Coulomb’s Law


15.   Ajatashatru, a ruler of the Haryanka Dynasty, was the son of _____?

A.      Udayin

B.      Naga Dasak

C.      Anurudha

D.      Bimbisara

Correct Answer: Bimbisara


16.   Who among the following was honoured with the 50th Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

A.      Amitabh Bachchan

B.      Naseeruddin Shah

C.      Anupam Kher

D.      Kamal Hassan

Correct Answer: Amitabh Bachchan


17.   Which of the following is NOT a vertebrate?

A.      Bird

B.      Mammal

C.      Fish

D.      Snail

Correct Answer: Snail


18.   Borra caves are situated on the East Coast of India in which of the following hills?

A.      Nagari Hills

B.      Nallamala Hills

C.      Ananthagiri Hills

D.      Horsley Hills

Correct Answer: Ananthagiri Hills


19.   In which of the following countries was the 95th edition of the prestigious Hastings International Chess held?

A.      England

B.      France

C.      Belgium

D.      Australia

Correct Answer: England


20.   The Ministry of Railways and the Department of Science and Technology have joined hands in partnership with which institution for 'Industry 4.0' project?

A.      IIT Madras

B.      IIT Kanpur

C.      IIT Delhi

D.      IIT Bombay

Correct Answer: IIT Kanpur


21.   Objects that shine in the night sky are known as…..?

A.      Asteroids

B.      Meteoroids

C.      Celestial bodies

D.      Constellations

Correct Answer: Celestial bodies


22.   Which state’s Legislative Assembly adopted a new logo consisting of the national emblem and foxtail orchid, the state flower, in January 2020?

A.      Meghalaya

B.      Tripura

C.      Mizoram

D.      Arunachal Pradesh

Correct Answer: Arunachal Pradesh


23.   What was India's position in the Brand Finance Nation ranking of 2019?

A.      Third

B.      Fifth

C.      First

D.      Seventh

Correct Answer: Seventh


24.   Wings India 2020 is scheduled to be held in which of the following airports?

A.      Vijaywada Airport

B.      Begumpet Airport

C.      Rajahmundry Airport

D.      Kadapa Airport

Correct Answer: Begumpet Airport


25.   In which of the following states is the Madhavpur Mela celebrated?

A.      Bihar

B.      Uttar Pradesh

C.      Gujarat

D.      Madhya Pradesh

                    Correct Answer: Gujarat

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