Important Static General Knowledge (GK) Topics

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            Competitive Exam Cell provides list of important static General Knowledge (GK) topics to be covered for SSC, RRB (Railways), Banking Exams, DRDO, State Exams and any other Government competitive exams.

Important Static General Knowledge (GK) Topics

 List of Important Static GK Topics:

1. List of Chief Ministers and Governors of India

2. List of International Organizations and their Headquarters

3. List of Important Temples in India

4. List of Dams in India

5. River System

6. City besides River in India

7. Sobriquets of Indian Cities

8. National Parks in India

9. Bird Sanctuaries in India

10. Tiger Reserves in India

11. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

12. Important days and Events

13. List of Nuclear Power Plants in India

14. Famous places in India

15. Important Revolutions in India

16. List of Stadiums in India

17. Important Airports in India

18. List of Research centers in India

19. List of Banks, Headquarters and their Tagline

20. List of Classical Dances and Folk Dances in India

21. Cabinet Ministers of India

22. List of Important International Boundary Lines

23. Games and Number of Players

24. List of Sports Cups and Trophies

25. List of Important Awards and their fields

26. List of Important Museums in India

27. List of Important Lakes in India

28. List of Important First Men in India

29. List of Important First Women in India

30. Longest- Highest – Largest in India

31. Source of Nutrients and Deficiency

32. List of Prime Ministers of India(1947-2021)

33. Famous Volcanoes in the world and India

34. List of National symbols of India

35. Census of India 2011

36. India's Land Border Length

37. Major Ports of India

38. Cabinet Ministers In India

39. Extreme points of India

40. Important Deserts of the world

41. List of Major Straits of the World

42.List of State and Union territory Capitals in India




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